Founder & CEO

Glenn Bowie, is very charismatic. His effect on the many people that have crossed his path has created meaningful relationships. This speaks to Glenn’s character, he has an open mind and heart, always ready to receive inspiration and motivation from those that have made a difference in his life.  He is a good listener, taking in every word in order to receive the blessings that God gives by connecting with others.

Glenn is a savvy sales executive encouraging people with his famous quotes, “Close the Deal,” “Keep it Moving,” “Speed rules,” “Time is Everything.” This is an asset that he is willing to share with others. Glenn believes that life is about direction. Moving from where you are, determining where you what to go, and making it your business to get there.

Glenn is a visionary with a giving soul and wants to give back to the community by using his expertise to motivate and inspire others and he is doing just that by the creation of, Glenn Bowie Speaks, a motivational and transitional business that has elevated Glenn at a fast pace to be exceptional at motivational speaking.

You can contact Glenn by using his e-mail for your training needs.

Glenn_Bowie_Headshot_Final_9.26.2015Glenn Bowie
Founder & CEO
Glenn Bowie Speaks, Inc.