For over three decades, Glenn Bowie has been a noteworthy business consultant in the wireless industry, with stellar accomplishments including well over 200 awards for excellence. Beyond contributing to growing industry giants, he is also credited with making a significant difference to others by sharing his success formula with multiple groups, including schools; community organizations, such as the YWCA, Pasadena City College Foundation, and Los Angeles Job Corps; and all sizes of companies, including American General Insurance and City National Bank.

Glenn volunteers at the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and has partnered with Career Readiness Certification Program – an online curriculum that teaches employability traits and inspires participants to develop a more positive attitude, which prepares students for success. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Tournament of Roses Foundation and the Pasadena City College Foundation.

As a keynote speaker and author of the book, The Art of Speaking Into Existence, Glenn describes how he overcame barriers, achieved seemingly impossible goals, and made his dreams come true. He brings us through his childhood experiences in the projects of Peoria, Illinois, to his present life in Pasadena, California. This odyssey is about overcoming fears including those faced as a child of divorce, an alcoholic father, being the first black family in a white neighborhood, and experiencing challenges throughout his youth and career.

Through this book and his speaking engagements, Glenn shares the keys to his success so that others can manifest the life of their dreams. His audiences learn how he developed his dreams into measurable goals, how he chose mentors as well as how he found them, and how he created self-confidence through facing adversity. These are just a few examples of what helped him to create the success that everyone can experience. It is Glenn’s intent to help others develop a plan and a support system to manifest their best lives.

Recently Glenn has added professional sales training to his list of accomplishments. Called “Rise to the Top”, he provides sales teams an opportunity to quickly master selling skills in order to prosper in an ever-changing environment. Through this training, Glenn explains that success is a way of thinking. To become successful, one must change his or her perspective. Participants learn how to systematically grow sales; best practices, specific tips and techniques that are easy to apply; how to avoid common mistakes; and how to prepare oneself to thrive.