Life is exactly what you make it.
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  • Are you living the life you desire?
  • Are obstacles blocking you from achieving your goals?
  • Are you aware of the keys that will make your dreams come true?
The Art of Speaking Into Existence shares Glenn’s journey from life in the projects to prosperity, and how he created his best life.  Through his journey and life’s lessons, you will discover a path forward and its accessibility.  This book not only will inspire and motivate you, but also will give you principles, beliefs, and attitudes to help you create the life of your dreams.
Glenn says, “If someone can take one thing from my life’s learnings and make it their own, they will be on their way to living the life of their dreams.”

For over three decades, Glenn Bowie has been a noteworthy top-performance business consultant in the wireless industry, with stellar accomplishments including well over 200 awards for excellence. Beyond his contributions to growing industry giants, he is also credited with making a significant difference to others by sharing his success formula with multiple groups, including schools, community organizations and companies of all sizes.

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