Glenn Bowie Speaks

For over 20 years,
Glenn has inspired
and captivated
all types of audiences.



Pasadena City College Foundation

American General Life Insurance Co (AIG)

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

West Coast Lumber & Building Material Association

Executive Women International (EWI)

Chinese Mayoral Delegation

City National Bank

The LA5 Rotary Club of Los Angeles


LA Chamber of Commerce

1 Heart Cares

Gear Up 4 LA


Job Corps 2016 Commencement

Youth Empowerment Summit

HRD – Aero Systems

Topics Glenn Can Address:

• Corporate, Business, Non-Profits, Educational Programs

– Core Values
– Sales
– The Perfect Pitch
– Techniques of Top Performers
– Goal Setting
– Tools and Systems for Success
– Relationship Building
– Attitude
– Climbing the Ladder

• Personal Story

– How to Overcome
– Visualizing Your Future
– The Importance of Education and Career

• Diversity and Equity

– How to Eliminate Barriers and Detours When Success is Your Vision
– How to Achieve Success Regardless of Race and Ethnicity

• Faith

– Believing in Something Bigger than Yourself
– Personal Testimony
– Using Trust as a Tool

• Customized Presentation

-Tailored to Your Needs

Subject Talks:

– Leadership
– How to Win Hearts, Minds, and New Business
– Creating the Perfect Sales Pitch
– Gearing up for a Career & Education
– How to Build Relationships
– Back to the Basics: Tools for Success
– Be Passionate-About What You Do & Inspire Others
– Mastering Relationships from the Inside Out
– Personal Inspirational Journey
– How to Reach Your Goals
– How to Inspire and Motivate
– Attitude is Everything
– Perseverance

“As a guy who learned how to chew bubblegum and walk at the same time, you won’t find a better motivator than Glenn Bowie when it comes to being successful in sales, life, and career. He truly embraces the knowledge that he has learned throughout his life, and now he’s sharing it with others.”
Herb Hunter