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Welcome to Rise to the Top™ – with Glenn Bowie

Hi, I’m Glenn Bowie, a consultant who specializes in working with individuals and businesses who are serious about surpassing there sales goals and rising to the top. As a sales executive who was known as “The Michael Jordan of sales”, I’m excited and honored to share with you my sales success secrets!

With a track record spanning more than three decades, I’ve adeptly navigated the intricacies of sales across diverse environments and ever-changing conditions. As a foremost authority in a highly competitive and complex industry, I’ve consistently demonstrated excellence, earning over 200 awards as a top sales producer. I’m also honored to have an award created and named for me by the national corporation I worked for, called the “Make It Happen “award as the top sales producer.

My accomplishments include a remarkable 20% year-over-year increase in income, showcasing a sustained commitment to success!

I will show you how to easily have a highly successful career, where your performance will take a quantum leap while you delight your customers in the process.

I am so glad you are here!

It means you are ready to take the step to join, Rise To The Top™ with me as your trusted advisor. You will receive my support and learn my secrets, strategies, tools, practices and principles to create success, which will be life changing for you.

What an exciting time in your life and I believe investing in ourselves is the ultimate investment anyone can make.

After transforming myself from humble beginnings growing up in the Projects of Illinois to experiencing Prosperity and Success beyond my wildest dreams, I am deeply grateful to be able to live in this extraordinary way and share my secrets to phenomenal sales success with others.

I have created an easily duplicatable system to help you create this same sales success in your life!

Top Sales Executive of the Year!
(Glenn's actual trophy)

Your moment to say yes to yourself has arrived!

Your Program Benefits:

  • 2 Live 90-Minute “All Hands” Zoom Power Meetings with Glenn per year!
  • Learn Glenn’s secrets, strategies, tools, practices and principles.
  • Transform your money story.
  • Sell with confidence.
  • Make your quota by the 15th and soar far beyond by the 30th.
  • Leverage your network through referrals and make the process easy.
  • The formula for creating your master plan.

Rise To The Top™ - With Glenn Bowie Includes:

  • 6 modules of teaching, secrets, tools, strategies, principles, practices & videos.
  • 1-Year Access to my Powerful Membership Site.
  • Power moves for massive breakthroughs.

Make the decision NOW

You are worth stepping up and it’s your turn to indulge in a sea of success.

Clients Love


Blair Underwood Actor, Producer, Director, Author. Photo Credit: Collin Stark

The Art of Speaking Into Existence by Glenn Bowie is a testimony to what can happen if you walk in the path of your purpose. He lets you know that you can triumph if you stay true to yourself and the values instilled in you. Glenn’s desire to dream big has paid off, and now he’s paying it forward.

Kathryn Ford CEO Excellence Institute

As the CEO of Excellence Institute, I am always on the lookout for excellence, and Glenn exemplifies it. His techniques and methods are a winning strategy for sound, consistent top performance. If you have the opportunity to learn from him, grab it! His sales expertise is second to none. Glenn is the best of the best!

Randy Clarito Business and Franchise Development, 1Heart Caregiver Services

Thank you for sharing your outstanding “Rise to The Top” methods, practices and principles which have made an impressive impact on our day-to-day operations and overall growth of our company. We have increased our targets and achieved the highest revenue on record, and I want to personally thank you for sharing your expertise with our sales team. You positioned us for future growth as you shared the need to have passion, vision, and compassionate service to others. We will always remember your quote “You must be in action to make something happen”.

We look forward to an ongoing relationship and your continuing professional education to advance our sales team’s success.

Jeff Wolman CEO Wolman Wealth Management

Glenn is a consummate salesman and really understands the meaning of excellent customer service. I am confident, based on my 20 years of friendship and learning from Glenn, he will be able to communicate his superior skills and methods in an understandable and achievable manner that will help you reach your goals.

Mike Butler CEO DavLor Construction

Everyone knows that Glenn is the master when it comes to sales! Best presenter, best follow up, best closer. He is the real deal! He will inspire and lead you to step into your greatest sales success ever! Period.

Gus Blackmon Former Warner Bros. Executive Producer of the Judge Mathis T.V. Show

If you’re in sales, this program is a must! I’ve known Glenn for over 4 decades and his unique style and approach to sales has kept him consistently on top. Glenn Bowie the man, the myth, the legend is now revealing his secrets to success. He is truly the master of sales.

You are worth stepping up and it is your turn to indulge in a sea of success!

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